Test Different Mediums for Job Postings

When tackling this challenge, I first had to find the job posting channel that yielded the most qualified applicants and the best return on investment (ROI). I put myself in a prospective carpenter’s shoes and went searching online for “carpentry jobs,” “construction jobs,” etc. I noticed that one website in particular showed up in both organic and paid results significantly more than others.

This website had a pay-per-click model to show sponsored postings. I started posting jobs and advertising with them, but I still needed to try out other ways to post so I could compare.

I thought about traditional methods, since construction has a lot of traditional-minded people that needed to see my posting. Newspapers were the obvious idea, but I didn’t like being unable to track how many people saw the job posting. What if it was just another listing thrown in with a thousand others — would it be worthwhile?

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